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Intro to React Hooks with simple examples

28 June 2019

I’m a little late to the party (Hooks were officially released back in February as part of React 16.8), but I finally had the chance to…

Make your folder tree UIs faster with this One Weird Trick

07 September 2017

operating systems HATE her!! Let’s talk about our old friend: the folder tree. Every UI developer has built at least one of these things…

Adventures with the Planck keyboard (and how to program it)

14 November 2016

I finally got my hands on a  Planck keyboard ! The Planck is a funny little 40% mechanical keyboard with an “ortholinear” layout (the keys…

A nice terminal + vim development environment for Mac OS X

04 November 2016

(2018 note: this post is woefully out of date on the specifics, but 2 years later, I’m still use the same basic setup. I’m leaving the post…

Building a typeahead with RxJS Observables and the Fetch API

29 July 2016

Solving complicated asynchronous problems in JavaScript can get messy fast. The moment you need anything more than the most basic callbacks…